Badian Canyoneering Adventure and Kawasan Waterfalls Private Tour

If you've got a taste for a real, heartstopping adventure in the heart of Cebu, canyoneering at the famous cliffs of Badian is the answer.
  • Embark on a private guided tour, firstly, to enjoy a combination of Badian most famous attractions.

  • Scramble, climb, jump, rappel, and swim through the rugged yet scenic cliffs of Badian. Make a splash, secondly, as you brave through jumping off towering cliffs as high as 30 feet!

  • Lastly, visit Kawasan Falls, a three-stage cascading waterfall and one of the most beautiful falls in the Philippines.

What to Expect

If you’ve got a taste for a real, heart-stopping adventure in the heart of Cebu, canyoneering at the famous cliffs of Badian is the answer. Transitioning to Badian’s reputation, the destination is renowned for its canyoneering, consistently attracting thrill-seekers from around the world. Additionally, your pickup will seamlessly transport you from your hotel to Badian, providing you with ample time to find breakfast. To prepare for the trek and canyoneering activities, firstly, you’ll need your strength. Once underway, embark on daring activities like jumping, rappelling, and swimming through the cliffs. Impressively, you’ll leap off 30-foot high cliffs and into the water. Transitioning to lunchtime at the stunning Kawasan Falls, further indulge in turquoise waters perfect for a post-lunchtime swim. Moreover, these spectacular waterfalls are not only clear and picturesque but also provide the ideal backdrop for documenting your day of thrilling adventures. Finally, you’ll be smoothly taken back to Cebu City and to your hotel, concluding an unforgettable day of heart-pounding experiences in Badian.

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