Uncover the history and beauty of Corregidor Island. Explore wartime relics and scenic views on this historical journey. Pack, explore, and discover.

  • Rediscover one of the most historic sites in the Philippines through this amazing guided tour that takes you around the island of Corregidor on board a tram.

  • Explore Corregidor’s Memorial War Zone on a tram for a vibrant and historical experience as the tour guide tells you all about the hardships of Filipino and American soldiers.

 Corregidor Highlights
  • First, embark on a captivating journey through Corregidor Island, starting with the Middle Side Barracks.

  • Second, explore Battery Way, revealing wartime history.

  • Third, delve into the past at the Army Post Hospital.

  • Next, optionally visit Battery Hearn for additional insights.

  • Then, progress to the poignant Pacific War Memorial, offering a tribute to the fallen heroes.

  • Afterward, explore the Museum, housing artifacts that narrate Corregidor’s storied past.

  • Subsequently, visit the Lighthouse, providing panoramic views of the surroundings.

  • Next, pause at McArthur’s Statue, a symbol of historical significance.

  • Afterward, transition to the Filipino Heroes Memorial, paying homage to national heroes.

  • Subsequently, explore the Japanese Memorial Garden, offering a unique perspective on the island’s history.

  • Finally, if time permits, conclude your journey with the Malinta Lights and Sound Show—an immersive experience bringing Corregidor’s narrative to life.

Important Notice
  • Firstly, guests must have no flight scheduled (domestic or international) in the next 24 hours from the travel date.

  • Secondly, the schedule must be strictly adhered to for a seamless experience.

  • Expectant mothers are strictly prohibited from traveling.

  • Moreover, it’s advisable to apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before leaving; umbrellas are provided in the Tram.

  • Always rehydrate throughout the entire tour.

  • Additionally, for safety, put down the armrest on the sides of the Tram, refrain from standing while the bus is in motion, and avoid extending any body parts outside the bus.

  • Always secure belongings, as the company is not liable for possible losses.

  • Be wary of strangers. Smoking is not allowed inside the Tram; designated smoking areas are outside the bus.

  • Watch your step inside tunnels, staircases, and along treks.

  • Beware of open pitfalls, bomb craters, and protruding metals inside the tunnels.

  • Climbing on the guns is strictly prohibited.

  • Observe proper waste disposal; trash bins are provided inside the bus and at all site stops.

  • Remember CLAYGO, clean as you go.

  • Do not pick up war relics to preserve the natural and historical value of Corregidor Island.

  • In case of an emergency, notify the tour guide and driver immediately; there are available first aiders and nurses on the island.

  • Always listen to safety instructions from tour guides and follow stated rules.

  • Passengers must never leave their valuables and baggage unattended.

  • Lastly, the Tour Supplier reserves the right to decline and remove passengers at any time for valid reasons, including alcohol consumption and the use of prohibited substances.

  • The sailing point is One Esplanade Seaside Terminal, Mall of Asia, Pasay City.

  • 06:30 am Check-in at Esplanade Seaside Terminal
  • 07:00 am Last call for boarding
  • 07:30 am Estimated time of departure in Manila
  • 09:00 am Estimated time of arrival in Corregidor
  • Tour / Buffet Lunch
  • 02:30 pm Boarding
  • 03:30 pm Departure Corregidor
  • 04:45 pm Arrival in Manila
  • Note: If time permits, short guided tour will be included. This is an additional walking tour at one side of Corregidor (tail side of Corregidor).

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