El Nido Tour D (shared tour)

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Eco taxes toiurism development fees (200 PHP)
Big Lagoon Fees
Kayak Rental fees


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Accompanied service

Tour Guide Barbecue Lunch Snorkeling Gears Pick Up hotel (El Nido)


9 am -4 pm

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Introducing our El Nido Tour D Joiner – your ticket to an unforgettable island adventure! Firstly, embark on a boat journey to explore hidden gems of El Nido. Discover stunning limestone cliffs and secret lagoons that will leave you in awe. Furthermore, snorkel in crystal-clear waters, witnessing colorful marine life up close. Then, relax on pristine beaches, soaking in the sun’s warmth and enjoying the serenity of the surroundings. Lastly, savor delicious local cuisine as you unwind after a day of exploration. With our Tour El Nido Tour D Joiner package, you’ll create lasting memories in paradise. Book now @Packyourbags and let the adventure begin!

Take a dip into the beautiful waters of paradise.

  1. Venture into the captivating Small Lagoon, where towering cliffs embrace a serene turquoise oasis
  2. Discover the tranquil Cadlao Lagoon, hidden amidst lush greenery, offering a peaceful retreat.
  3. Pasandigan Beach, a pristine stretch of white sand for relaxation.
  4. Nat Nat Beach, perfect for snorkeling amidst vibrant marine life.
  5. Experience the paradise of Paradise Island, and
  6. Revel in the tranquility of Bukal Island.

We’ve got you covered with essential inclusions: a tax fee for your convenience, refreshing drinking water to keep you hydrated, and life vests ensuring your safety. Plus, our knowledgeable tour guide will enrich your experience with insightful information about these beautiful destinations.

Please note that the tour excludes: the Eco Tourism Development fee and the entrance fee for Big or Small Lagoon, which are nominal charges contributing to the preservation of this natural wonder. Join us and make memories while appreciating the wonders of El Nido. Book your tour now!

This tour will let you explore the true beauty of El Nido and will provide you the experience that you won’t just get anywhere else. Getting around the island is easy, with the completion of tourism roads from Puerto Princesa to El Nido will take 5-6 hours.In El Nido, best type of vehicles are jeepneys or tricycles because roads are narrow for other larger means of transport. Motorbikes and bicycles can also be hired for other kind of trips.There are available public transportation from Puerto Princesa to Roxas, Port Bart, San Vicente and Taytay.

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Please note: The itinerary is approximate and subject to change based on tidal and weather
9:00am hotel pick-up
Big Lagoon (optional)
12:00pm lunch
Shimizu Island
7 Commando Beach
3:00pm end of tour
3:20pm hotel drop-off


Join tour
Local and English speaking guide
Barbecue lunch
Hotel pick-up and drop-off
Snorkeling gear


El Nido Eco-Tourism Development fee (P200/person)
Big Lagoon Entrance Fee (P200/person)


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